Thursday, April 21, 2011

In the Temple of X

In the Temple of X

In the temple of X
no pimping
except MX pimping himself
everybody rich in temple
everybody Mercedes
no poor once you get the light
Supreme Wisdom
don't get it but don't get it
you got it or ain't got it!
get real
you rich in the name of Divine within yourself
You within God, God within you
no spook gods, mysteries, hokee pokee rituals
heaven after you die
yes, heaven while you live
death is hell
Prophet Sun Ra said to die is sin!

just plain truth
in the temple of X
no tithes, no slavery
take time for wife and family
no preacher get all the money
members starve
let's have burial plan, health plan
do for self plan
use the mind God gave you plan
Mama taught
do for self
no welfare
food stamps
country girl brain
common sense woman
raised eleven
two grands
what manner of woman (rip)
I her special child
didn't know til siblings told me
later in life.
but she wouldn't have me for no man.
too lost in books.
wouldn't do nothing on her mini farm.
irrigate crops, feed chickens, nothing
lost in books
no good for wife
Mama said I needed maid, secretary, mistress
no wife.
Mama deep in her spirituality:
know truth will set you free.
No medicine cabinet
no pills, no doctor visit
know the truth, truth will set you free of dis-ease.

In the temple of X
all truths represented
will you hide truth while you know?

Nat Turner in the temple of X
Harriet and Sojourner
Ida B. Wells
Booker T.
DuBois and Garvey
Noble Drew and Master Fard
Elijah and Malcolm
Martin too!
Nkrumah and Kwame Toure
Mandela and Winnie too.
in the temple of X.
How bout you?
Amiri, Askia, Sonia, Nikki
Haki, Ngugi wa Thi'ango
Wole Soyinka.
in the temple of X.
Leon and Carolyn
in temple of X.
--Marvin X

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