Thursday, March 24, 2011

Crusader Hypocrisy

Crusader Hypocrisy in North Africa and the Middle East

The Crusaders have entered the freedom quagmire in North Africa and the Middle East. Oh, what a conundrum the Crusaders shall find themselves attempting to unravel. They have been caught off balance by the speed of events that their political and military strategists never imagined.

A single spark began in Tunisia and has now ignited a prairie fire from North Africa to the Persian Gulf. The American and European Crusaders run here and there in a useless effort to stop the tide of freedom raging in the lands, cherry picking a nation to support, when we know all of those neo-colonial regimes that Euro-American Crusaders have propped up for decades must and will fall into the dustbin of history, it is only a matter of time and time is running out with each passing day, each hour.

Why would the Crusades attack Libya but not Yemen, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia? Why Libya, or perhaps this is only a test case, a trial balloon to figure a strategy for the climax sure to come soon in Saudi Arabia when its people cry Allahu Akbar and defy the guns, tanks, planes, bullets and tear gas supplied by the Crusaders to prop up decadent rulers who have been complicit with the Crusaders to allow oil to flow to the West in a sick siphoning of a people's resources to benefit the few. Hence the present crisis.

And yet the sick irony is that the Crusaders care nothing about the cry for liberation, only how to continue their addiction to white supremacy with oil as the necessary byproduct, for white supremacy cannot survive without the petrochemical drug so vital to a military and in food production that is essentially oil based, full of herbicides, insecticides, fertilizers to the degree the food is grown in oil not earth, leading the people directly from the petrochemists to the pharmacists and doctors (the Yacubian workers) , in a slow dance of death for all, including the ten percent who rule the deaf, dumb and blind eighty-five per cent.

The people's cry for freedom and justice echos the Eloquent Peasant of 4,000 years ago in Egypt. But these present day pharaohs are not like the pharaoh who was bewildered and bemused by the eloquence of that ancient peasant, these modern pharaohs are hard headed and hard hearted. A ruler should know his time is up at the moment his people unite and rise up against him, yet, with the backing of the Crusaders, these modern pharaohs will dance until the midnight hour, until every grain of sand has slipped to the bottom of the hour glass.

The Crusaders shall not be able to save them because they shall be too busy fighting fires on their turf, as their people also rise up in the name of Ma'at, freedom, justice, balance, reciprocity, truth.

It is indeed a lesson that the first African president of the Crusader America has now attacked his fatherland. Now we see the matter is far beyond color. Imperialism has no color, nor does neo-colonialism. We know it is far beyond religion as well, for are not the Muslim nations in bed with the Crusader? He has been the supplier of weapons for their leaders to oppress and suppress the people now rising up throughout the lands of the Middle East and North Africa.

Why haven't the Crusaders entered Yemen on the side of the people? Why did not the Fifth Fleet of the Crusader support the suffering people of Bahrain? What is this selective suffering that chose Qadafy as the villain when so many other villains run amok, committing mass murder of their people, not to mention the genocide in Gaza and the West Bank?

Why do we think the Palestinians shall not again rise up in unity for their long deprived nationhood? Yet, the Crusaders shall block them at every turn until it is too late, for the Apocalypse shall await them at the precipice. The modern pharaohs are in bed with the Zionists and the Crusaders, they all dance together in the den of iniquity that shall be ephemeral.
--Marvin X,
Prime Minister of Poetry,
First Poet's Church

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