Thursday, March 24, 2011

Why Do So-called Progressives Support Dictators?

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Why Do So-called Progressives Support Dictators?

It is amazing to know the long time support many progressives have given to rotten, slimy dictators around the world. Of course there is often a time lag in catching up with the one time revolutionaries who eventually discard their revolutionary garb to don the persona of the brutal dictator, president for life.

The former revolutionary did indeed liberate his people but then somehow decided he is the new messiah of his "children" who must be ruled with an iron hand, even after he has thrown in the towel of the consent of the governed.

There is no need to call names for you know who these pitiful former revolutionaries are, who came into political power decades ago but only of late decide to institute the fundamental item on their revolutionary agenda: land reform. There are a plethora of personalities on the African Continent who fit this description, in Asia, Middle East, Europe and the Americas.

We support all truly radical regimes but condemn reactionary governments and the leadership that hides under the revolutionary banner.

We are amazed to see how these reactionary, corrupt, dictatorial bastards stick together, yes, like birds of a feather. African proverb says one white dog will not bite another white dog.

But what is more amazing is how many socalled American radicals and progressives will chime in with the rats of the world, and yet we know many of them have ulterior motives, yes, many pledge allegiance to the rats because they are paid to do so.

There are those radicals who take money to promote the propaganda machine of rotten dog, oppressive leaders around the world. No matter how brutal they are, no matter how full their dungeons are with opposition leaders, poets, playwrights, journalists, these sycophants continue kissing ass for a few bucks. Even when opposition leaders are murdered in broad daylight, the sycophant media magicians continue perpetuating the world of make believe.

From time to time the opposition forces in various countries must speak directly to American so-called progressives to stay out of their business. Work on your own revolution in the belly of the Beast, since it is clear you have no understanding nor desire to understand our condition.

We talk about ideological clarity that is beyond revolutionary romanticism and idealism, but when reality stares us in the face we run and hide behind rose colored glasses. At the present hour the president we championed, although there were wise brothers and sisters who warned us not to do so, has turned into an imperialist of the worse kind, and yet there are those who refuse to criticize the brother because he is a brother. What difference does it make if the hangman is black or white?

The universe is calling upon us to get in harmony or get off the planet. All fakism, As-Salaam Afakum, pseudo revolutionary personalities that cover their darkness with word magic and the assistance of sycophants, must be rejected. And those who support them must be exposed and rejected as well for selling out truth for a mess of pottage.
--Marvin X, Prime Minister of Poetry,
First Poet's Church


  1. Marvin unfortunately when you put it in historical perspective,we see the oppressed becoming the oppresor.How many "revolutions" have betrayed their ideals? Try most,look at Israel they became "Nazionist" -today they are closer in mentality to Nazi Germany,the atrocities resemble the Nazi of the 30s. Look @ Gaza they slughtered over 2,000 innocent people,mostly women and children. Am working on the oppressor conversion theory.I attempt to explain how we go from victim to tyrant in a heartbeat.