Monday, March 21, 2011

Message from the Pope of Poetry, First Poet's Church

Message from the Pope of Poetry, Imamu Amiri Baraka

The New Invasion of Africa

So it wd be this way

That they wd get a negro

To bomb his own home

To join with the actual colonial

Powers, Britain, France , add Poison Hilary

With Israeli and Saudi to make certain

That revolution in Africa must have a stopper

photo Kamau Amen Ra

So call in the white people who long tasted our blood

They would be the copper, overthrow Libya

With some bullshit humanitarian scam

With the negro yapping to make it seem right (far right)

But that’s how Africa got enslaved by the white

A negro selling his own folk, delivering us to slavery

In the middle of the night. When will you learn poet

And remember it so you know it

Imperialism can look like anything

Can be quiet and intelligent and even have

A pretty wife. But in the end, it is insatiable

And if it needs to, it will take your life.

AB 3/21/411

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